Casey Vallance & Rebekah Vallance both received their Bachelor of Architecture with Honours I from the University of Queensland and both are Registered Architects with the Board of Architects of Queensland.

Since 2003, Casey worked with Cox Architecture and served as a Director and Design Leader in the company until 2017.  

Rebekah worked with Cox Architecture as a design architect from 2005-2013.

Rebekah and Casey have established CultivAR as a collective platform for architectural design, writing, research and theological study.

As an architectural design and research practice, CultivAR takes on a limited number of design projects to allow them to dedicate their time to serve their clients well.  CultivAR combines Masters study at Christ College, Sydney, with architectural design projects taken on by the practice being used as case studies for this research.  Their work seeks to tangibly implement their theological and philosophical enquiry into built form and spatial experience.