cultivating people and place

We view this world as a glorious ruin, fallen into disharmony and decay.  As architects, we view our work as a process of redeeming broken sites and enhancing relationships into a reflection of a restored state, to cultivate people and place.

All people are called to serve people and place, and architects share a great privilege and responsibility to serve both, contributing in shaping our world from the humble home to the scale of the city.

CultivAR is an architectural practice that desires to reflect redemptive hope for people and place, cultivating environments and communities that show love, empathy, meaning and purpose to how and why we live, to reflect the inherent worth of both. 

Casey and Rebekah Vallance of CultivAR are evangelical architects. Our work explores how our Christian theology informs the motivation, philosophy and structure for our practice. 

As an architectural design and research practice, CultivAR takes on a limited number of design projects to allow us to dedicate our time to serve our clients well. CultivAR combines Masters study at Christ College, Sydney, with architectural design projects taken on by the practice informing this research.  Our work seeks to tangibly implement our theological and philosophical enquiry into built form and spatial experience. 

In response to the devaluing of people and place in our communities and built environments, it is our desire to be part of a counter-culture that restores worth and hope to both.